THE STORY – Series Arc for KNOWN


From now until Easter the Kirk value we will be exploring is BIBLE.  And the part of the story we’ll be in is Exodus.  “KNOWN” is a play on words for the three weeks of our series: KNOW, KNOWN, and OWN.  Here is our series arc for KNOWN

Week 1 – KNOW God (Exodus 3)

Week 2 – God Will Be KNOWN (Exodus 7-10)

Week 3 – OWN Your Faith (Exodus 12: Passover)


Summer Series Arc for “God Is”


Pretty often today defining “God” is just a game that everyone wins.  We spin the wheel until we land on the “God” that gives us the best prize.  But what if you discovered that there is more to God than you ever imagined?  What if God is terrifying, approachable, wrathful, and loving all at the same time?  What if our view of God is too small?

For the rest of the summer, join KirkStudents as Sean and Marc will be tackling this in the sermon series “God Is” like this:

Week 1 – God is Holy
Week 2 – God is Loving
Week 3 – God is Just
Week 4 – God is Forgiving
Week 5 – God is Wise
Week 6 – God is Faithful

“When Relationships Collide” Series Arc


Our next series at Collision drops on October 30th with a 6-weeks on “When Relationships Collide.”

Week 1: Even Christians Collide
Week 2: It’s Not About Me
Week 3: Stand Down
Week 4: Stand Your Ground
Week 5: Step In
Week 6: The Big Picture