The BEST Nerf War Mission Ever

On Monday we had another massively successful Nerf War at the Kirk!  We played to the Star Wars theme this year, and one of our missions was trying to control Hoth.  This was easily the best nerf war mission we’ve ever created.


Here’s how we did it:

Supplies –

  • 1.5″ PVC pipe (you can get these pre-cut at Lowe’s; qty. 5)
  • Black tape
  • Red tape

Rules –

  • There is a 20 minute time limit for this game.
  • Students knew the location of the bases, but at the start of the game, no base was controlled.
  • There are 5 bases spread throughout the church.
  • The goal of this game is to have the most bases under your team’s control at the end of the game.
  • To control a base, a team must have the PVC pipe with their team’s color showing (black tape on top or red tape on top).
    • The PVC pipes may not move.  They have a specific spot and it stays put (versus just a general “room” that it’s in).
  • If another team captures the base, they merely flip the PVC pipe to show it is now under their control.
    • We set it up so that if the “Flag Holder” was hit, the flag goes down.  Whoever grabs it “controls” it.
  • When a player gets hit, they must go back to a respawn point before rejoining the action.
  • If a player is hit in a base, they must fight their way back into the base to rejoin their team (no free passes).

Why it worked –

  • With 5 bases and the need for constant defense, NO ONE knew who was winning, NO BASE was ever “locked up,” and NOTHING mattered until the final whistle.  This was a highly strategic game because if you control a base, who leaves to go take another one?  Who stays behind to help defend?  How do you know if you still control one or not?
  • There were 2 areas that were under constant attack, but that left the other 3 ignored at times.  So what does your team do?
  • For most of the game it was 3-2 black, then 3-2 red, then 3-2 black, etc.  I witnessed one base change hands 3 times in 60 seconds.
  • In the end, black won 4-1

Try it out!  It’s an incredibly fun way to play!


11 Ministry Highlights of 2011

  1. Meeting our new 7th graders – Every year we get to welcome in a new class of 7th graders into our Mid-High ministry.  I have LOVED every one of these guys!
  2. Mission Trip to Arlington, TX – We sold out for this trip in 2 weeks and had an incredible time serving the city of Arlington, learning Spanish on the fly, and playing dodgeball in Cowboys Stadium!
  3. NERF War –  It’s every kid’s dream: have a massive NERF war with no adults around.  We expected a few students to come, but we blew the doors of the place and we’re STILL picking up ammo from it!
  4. Thanks for Abortion – Two years ago I spoke about abortion.  Two days ago a student (who is now in high school) came up to me and thanked me for that message.  This student has a friend who is struggling with what to do with her unborn child and that message two years ago has been really helpful!
  5. TRIBES –  Last summer we did a 6-week competition designed to bring students to Christ through recreation.  Towards the end, individual tribes were larger than our entire first night!
  6. DISCipleship Hole-In-One – We played disc golf all summer.  I got a hole-in-one.  The guys in my group got to see a reaction they’ll never forget.  Moving on..
  7. Greeters Kidnapping a Student – We have a greeters team in our ministry.  One Sunday they “kidnapped” a new student who had walked in with her parents and brought her down to the youth area.  She’s been coming ever since.
  8. The Change to Cell Groups – We used to do small groups one way, realized it wasn’t achieving the goals for which it was designed, so we’ve overhauled the way we do things.  Now our students are being pushed to be “on mission” and they don’t have teachers, they have coaches.  It’s awesome!
  9. Night of Impact & Goats – We challenged our students to raise money to buy goats for an orphanage in Africa.  In one month they raised enough money to buy over 13 goats!
  10. Transfer for the Gospel – One of my students (who grew up going to a private Christian school) decided to follow God and transfer to a public school this year so he could have MORE opportunity to share the Gospel.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it cultural stereotype of teenage boys!
  11. My Entire Volunteer Team – Without my team, none of this could have happened.  They love God and like teenagers and I am proud to serve with them in this crazy ministry to 7th, 8th, and 9th grade students!