“SKIN” Series Arc


Coming up in October at #KirkStudents we’ll be doing a series called “SKIN.”  Here’s the breakdown:

  • Week 1 – Pornography
  • Week 2 – Sexual Orientation
  • Week 3 – Marriage
  • Week 4 – Q&A

Do You Ever Prevent Ministry to Protect Your Series?


On July 3rd I buried an 18-year old student of mine who died after complications from open heart surgery.

Two months before that we were in the middle of a teaching series called RESILIENCE – When Faith Won’t Fail.  Now, I’m a planner.  I’m not the kind of youth pastor that figures out what to talk about the night before.  I just can’t.  So I plan out my series months in advance, sometimes even a year.  They are well thought out, I try to make them flow together and with the time of year, and not overload the schedule with one type of series or another.

But one particular Saturday night in May I heard that this student’s surgeries were causing complications.  So, I punted my sermon and rallied all the students together to spend the morning praying for our friend.

Even though I had spent hours and hours that week in study and preparation, picking out some truths that would prove to be exciting and new, finding the greatest ways to illustrate the text to a teenage audience, finding sweet graphics for my presentation, praying over the notes, rehearsing it over the weekend – it’s just a series.

Would you be willing to “mess up” the flow of your teaching schedule – I mean drop everything – if a ministry need came up?

  • What if your worship leader, while using their phone for lyrics, got a text that said their mom was in a terrible car accident?
  • What if a volunteer leader didn’t show up for Sunday School because they had a seizure that morning?
  • What if a student who has been struggling with depression & self-harm showed up for the first time in 2 months?
  • What if someone – anyone – right in the middle of your introduction burst through the church doors weeping?
  • What if something like this happens on Easter Sunday?  Or Christmas Eve?

The Gospel is why we gather.  Preaching MUST happen; careful preparation MUST happen; study, reading, praying, and writing MUST happen.  The Word of God is too valuable to be casually approached.

But I wonder if we’re afraid to break stride?  Would we be willing to put down our notes to pick up the weary?  Could Isaiah 58 be allowed to breathe in our Planning Center print outs?

Just curious.

My Love/Hate For Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures

I am on my 3rd copy of X-Wing.  I traded away my first copy, sold my second, and then bought it a third time.

I just can’t decide if I like the game or not.  There are things I love about it and things I hate about it:

LOVE – Ship Movement

Playing secret moves from a dial of differing possibilities is genius and I love trying to out-maneuver other pilots just by guessing.

HATE – All the Pieces

Seriously, though… there are so many tokens that if you have a big enough battle it looks like a galactic piñata burst on the table; and the more ships you add the more cards and pieces you add and that creates a space problem on the game table.

LOVE – Different Ships

Fantasy Flight has done a great job introducing a robust selection of ships from the Star Wars universe.  And they keep introducing more waves!

HATE – Different Ships

It would cost about $1,000 to own one of each ship.  And they keep introducing more waves!

LOVE – Quality

The detail is awesome for a pre-painted mini game.  And the scale, I think, is perfect for the game.

HATE – Tournaments

I lost my first match 100 to 0 to the previous store champ.  Then, in the loser’s bracket, I lost 100 to 0.  Then in the loser’s loser’s bracket, I lost 100 to 0.  I didn’t play my next two matches and went to Taco Bell instead.

All in all, it IS a fun game with unique game mechanics that puts others on notice.  But I don’t think I’ll ever be able to catch up with the production and build my game to play at the intended capacity.  I may have to be content playing the skirmish missions in the core set with a single X-Wing vs. 2 Tie Fighters.