My Love/Hate For Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures

I am on my 3rd copy of X-Wing.  I traded away my first copy, sold my second, and then bought it a third time.

I just can’t decide if I like the game or not.  There are things I love about it and things I hate about it:

LOVE – Ship Movement

Playing secret moves from a dial of differing possibilities is genius and I love trying to out-maneuver other pilots just by guessing.

HATE – All the Pieces

Seriously, though… there are so many tokens that if you have a big enough battle it looks like a galactic piñata burst on the table; and the more ships you add the more cards and pieces you add and that creates a space problem on the game table.

LOVE – Different Ships

Fantasy Flight has done a great job introducing a robust selection of ships from the Star Wars universe.  And they keep introducing more waves!

HATE – Different Ships

It would cost about $1,000 to own one of each ship.  And they keep introducing more waves!

LOVE – Quality

The detail is awesome for a pre-painted mini game.  And the scale, I think, is perfect for the game.

HATE – Tournaments

I lost my first match 100 to 0 to the previous store champ.  Then, in the loser’s bracket, I lost 100 to 0.  Then in the loser’s loser’s bracket, I lost 100 to 0.  I didn’t play my next two matches and went to Taco Bell instead.

All in all, it IS a fun game with unique game mechanics that puts others on notice.  But I don’t think I’ll ever be able to catch up with the production and build my game to play at the intended capacity.  I may have to be content playing the skirmish missions in the core set with a single X-Wing vs. 2 Tie Fighters.