Weekly Parent Cue :: KirkSTUDENTS


Here you go parents!  Talk about any of these follow up questions around the dinner table, or on the way home from practice, or on the way to school this week (and if you have any stories of how your family is winning because of the Parent Cue, let me know so we can share some ideas with everyone!)

The Text: Isaiah 59:2; James 5:13-18; Psalm 34:17; Matthew 6:7

The Point: Pray for one another.

The Follow-up:

  • This Sunday we prayed for our friend Zach who is very sick.  Ask your teenager how they felt being in a room with people all praying for the same thing.
  • Would you want our student ministry to respond like this for you?
  • Have you ever experienced God answer prayer?
  • Do you feel like you have a “sea” before you and an “enemy” behind you right now?  How can we, as a family, pray for one another in this?
  • Why might unconfessed sin hinder our prayers (see Isaiah 59:2)?