Weekly Parent Cue :: KirkSTUDENTS


Here you go parents!  Talk about any of these follow up questions around the dinner table, or on the way home from practice, or on the way to school this week (and if you have any stories of how your family is winning because of the Parent Cue, let me know so we can share some ideas with everyone!)

The Text: 1 Peter 3:13-16; 4:1-2

The Point: Our faith won’t fail when we point to Jesus in our suffering.

The Follow-up:

  • Ask your child: When has following Jesus been hard for you?  (Tell a story from your own life about this, too)
  • When we suffer, does that always mean we’re doing something wrong?
  • What makes suffering because of wrong and suffering because of right different?
  • According to the message on Sunday, what should our attitude be towards suffering?
  • Watch this video together: https://youtu.be/YNqo4Un2uZI.  What was your favorite line in this song?
  • Do you agree that having an “it is well” attitude is a good defense of Christianity?