King of New York – Game Preview


This is my first game from iello, I haven’t even played it yet, but I had fun just opening the box!  A few highlights that made me want to play it even more:

Monster Cards:

Why?  Because they’re fun and the art is GREAT!  A lot of the time I think games become TOO complicated when each character has their own traits, abilities, etc.  Not King of New York.  Each Monster wins with the same amount of victory points and dies with the same amount of damage.  You BUY the specials (covered in a just a second) so really, to pick your monster, it’s as simple as which one will you have the most fun with?

Also, we’re not bogged down with tokens/chits/chips because of the simple dual-dial system on the Monster Cards.  See that tiny curve of a circle on the left of the image?  That’s a dial that lets you keep track of your VP and another one for health.  Very innovative and easy.


Why?  It looks like a lot of creativity went into these cards and, again, the art is fantastic!  You can “buy” these cards throughout the game by spending energy cubes that you’ve collected (hoarded?)  You get those by dice rolling and the cost is in the upper left corner of each card.

King of Tokyo has a Power Up Pack (additional enhancement cards) and that must mean that King of New York will get one.  When I was trying to decide between the two, I chose New York because it was newer and it’s almost guaranteed that more cards will be added to the game.


So that’s the preview!  Now I can’t wait to actually play it and write a review of it!