2 Games from Last Night’s COLLISION

Battle Room (sit down dodgeball)

Battle RoomGroup Game

Battle Room is essentially sit-down-dodgeball.  Students are divided into two teams.  They have to sit in a stationary chair within the marked boundaries.  In addition to normal dodgeball rules, if they get out of their chair for any reason, they are out.  After round 1 we let them move their chairs wherever they wanted.  One of the students moved to the back row of the other team’s side and they never noticed.  He systematically took them out.

AutocoWRECKED Game

AutocoWRECKEDUp Front Game

Pick a category, any category.  We used famous movie quotes from “The Lord of the Rings.”  Now, pick two students that have a phone that WILL autocorrect.  Bring them up on stage and blindfold them.  Instruct the blindfolded students that you will  read the quote (which they can’t see) and when you’re done reading they will race to type it in.  Give 1 point to whoever finishes first and 1 point to whoever gets closest to the actual quote.  Here are some examples of the results:

Actual quote: “One does not simply walk into Mordor – Boromir”
AutocoWRECKED result: “I’ve died not comply walk into boycott.  Corgi mete”

Actual quote: “We swears, to serve the master of the Precious.  We will swear on…on the Precious! – Gollum”
AutocoWRECKED result: “Sorry I screw the matters c the doub ducts she gdjrbdubendhgjybd eh.”