Proverbs – The Sluggard

bees on honeycells

Growing up there were so many things my parents asked me to do that I would just drag me feet on.  When we’d go the lake on vacation, my dad wanted me to help him do yard work.  My response?  “I’m on vacation!”  There was a task I HATED when I was a teenager, too: my dad would cut off dead tree limbs and have me cut those down into 1” lengths to throw away.  He said it’s so they’d fit in the trashcan.  I now realize he was trying to teach me discipline.  And that’s what Solomon is trying to get us to see.  The sluggard, the slothful, the lazy doesn’t have to be who you are!  You don’t have to be plopped down in front of Netflix all weekend.  Your only social interaction doesn’t have to be confined to the world of Minecraft.  You don’t have to be really good at finding loopholes and really bad at knowing how to start a lawnmower.  Your life was meant for so much more!  You were called to move with Jesus into a great adventure of ministry.  You can’t do that if you fall asleep in your Cheerios.  There is nothing admirable about being lazy.  And if that is your badge of honor, it’s time to consider that God created you to do and to be so much more.  Wake up.  No more excuses.  It’s time to join Jesus on this great adventure of life that he has planned for you and get moving.