I’ve never fasted during Lent before because it was always felt like obligation instead of obedience to me.

But this year, I’m realizing there are some things that are distracting me from reading/writing/connecting/seeking.  I’ve made a folder on my phone and put those time-suck apps in it and hid it on my last page, turned off all notifications, and deleted all shortcuts everywhere so I’m not tempted to break my fast.  These apps aren’t bad.  I’m not fasting what’s evil.  I’m fasting from what’s distracting.  I don’t know the combined hours (plural) I spend on these in a day but I really felt the conviction this year that I could be making my faith in Jesus stronger with the simple discipline of fasting.

So in lieu of going dark for the next 40 days (facebook isn’t a distraction), here’s what’s coming up:

  • My daughter is turning 3
  • We’re taking our youth group on a mission trip
  • I’m turning 32
  • I’ll probably eat an epic meal or two
  • I’ll probably see some great sunsets
  • It’ll probably snow again
  • I’ll probably think of a new joke or two

That was easy.

During the next 40 days, I hope to finish the book I’m reading about Dietrich Bonhoeffer, get back in the habit of daily Scripture reading (I’m like 2 years behind on my 1 year reading plan), and generally just draw more near to Christ.  Because the point of Lent isn’t just giving something up for a short time, it’s about Jesus.  And I want to honor Him with my time.



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