You Are A Pharisee (You Just Don’t Know It)

you are a pharisee

The world population at the time of Christ is estimated at around 300,000,000 people (+/- 50,000,000).  He had 12 disciples.

Can we blame the Pharisees for not getting it?

After watching “The Bible” series I can understand with more clarity why the Pharisees were upset with Jesus.  It just makes sense that they would feel threatened by Him, especially with Him coming out of nowhere, challenging what they’ve always taught and what they’ve always known to be true.

That’s threatening.

We can deride the Pharisees easily and say, “How could they miss it?  How could they not know?  How could they not see?

But… I mean… would you?  If you were back in that time would you see it?  Would you be one of the twelve?  Or would you be one of the masses that felt threatened?

We still act this way in church.  Our church is better because we keep it simple.  Our church is better because we are relevant.  Contemporary music is godless.  Traditional music is lame.  Don’t watch rated R movies.  Don’t run in the Lord’s house.  Don’t wear shorts to church.

Anytime our norms and traditions are threatened we respond with a version of fear that looks a lot like defensiveness.  If I lived at the time of Jesus, I’m pretty sure I’d be one of the masses that felt threatened.