I Believe In The Influence of Teenagers

I’ve driven by Broken Arrow High School several times today going back and forth around town and all day long there were teenagers at the corner promoting their “More For Moore” drive.  They’re collecting food, clothes, and supplies that Moore, OK needs.  And as I drove by this last time I locked eyes with one of them and just kind of gave them a salutatory fist pump because I believe in the influence of teenagers.

I believe in the power they have and the influence that they have and, guided in the right direction, I believe they can be an unstoppable force.  Because you see the thing about teenagers is when they get focused two things happen:

1) their passion becomes contagious.  Their passion becomes contagious with other teenagers.  It also becomes contagious with the people around that are watching, because,

2) it’ll make you up your game.  You cannot be apathetic and work with teenagers.  They will call you out on it, and even the seemingly apathetic ones will push against it.

I believe in the influence of teenagers because I’ve seen what it looks like from the inside, when, sparked by a common passion, they are more than willing to drown their stereotype and boldly bid us follow! in their wake.