To Love At All Is To Be Vulnerable

to love at all is to be vulnerable

To love at all is to be vulnerable – C.S. Lewis

This Sunday at the KirkYouth gathering we are starting a new series about the gospel.  I’m using the refrain from the 103-year old hymn “One Day!” for each week of the series.  This Sunday’s message is “Living He Loved Me.”

When we think about the life of Jesus, what’s the most loving thing He did?  The first answer is almost always that He died on the cross for us.  True, but trick question (next week’s message is “Dying He Saved.”)  I wonder, in the life of Jesus, how did He show us He loves us?  He fed people, and that’s good.  He cast out demons, and that’s good.  He served people, and that’s good.  He taught people, and that’s good.

But there’s one story in the life of Jesus that, I feel, is one of the greatest examples of how living He loved me.

We limit our love because of differences, because of fears.  But this Sunday we’re going to see how one act of Jesus showed an accepting, compassionate, risky, vulnerable, affectionate, welcoming, gracious, and restorative kind of love.