Missions T-Shirt Concept

I’m developing a t-shirt concept that I hope our whole church can use.  I think it would be cool if EVERYONE that goes on a mission trip from our church gets the same shirt (foreign or domestic).  Why?  Unity.  We take youth trips, medical trips, overseas trips, relief trips, etc…  And before any team leaves, we bring them in front of the church and commission them to go.  How cool would it be if each team, all year, had a unified look?

In the past, missions design involves the silhouette of the continents with arrows coming out of it.  This has been done.  A lot.  So this is a new take on an old idea.  What I’m developing is row upon row of the silhouettes of each country in white.  The ones that we as a church are going to will be filled in red.  Here’s the concept:

2013 Missions Concept

So in this example we’d be going to Australia, the United States, Dominican Republic, and Mexico.

If we put 10 countries on each row, with 20 rows, that’s a perfect fit for all 196 countries, territories, and islands, with enough room for “2013” to fit squarely on the shirt.

(Another idea is to put the silhouettes of every country our church has ever been to, and highlight the ones we’re going to this calendar year, in case it’s too busy with every country on there).

What do you think?