How To Use Instagram In Youth Ministry

It’s happening in our ministry.  Instagram is becoming more popular than Facebook   When we polled our students about the best way to communicate with them, Instagram was #3 (a printout was #4, and a Facebook fan page was #5).  So what do we do with that info?  Here are a few ways we’ve used Instagram in our ministry:


Custom Memes

I don’t want to make all our posts be just about information.  I want to have fun with them, too!  This first one was a reminder that Cell Groups (Cerr Gerps) was starting back up after Fall Break

This one is a reminder that a registration deadline is coming soon.  Which do you think students would remember in this case?  An exclamation point or an awkward hawk?

Teaching Series

These are some examples of posts I’ve done in our current series called HABITS.  Each one of these is the “sermon in a sentence” and I post them the week before the message.

How To Make These

I use a website called PicMonkey to do all my editing.  Instagram is simply a vehicle to upload the images.  All the filters, text, overlays, and effects are done in PicMonkey.

How To Make Sure Students See It

I have a personal Instagram account and I’ve created one for our ministry (using a different gmail address).  When it comes time to post, I’ll upload them on the ministry account and my personal account.  The catch is when I upload them on my personal account I’ll @tag the ministry to generate more followers of the ministry.

So go!  Set up a gmail account for your ministry.  Set up an Instagram account for your ministry.  Go follow your students and start using Instagram to communicate and connect in your youth ministry!