Youth Ministry Game: MANLY POOL

You need a pool table, a cue ball, and any other billiard ball (preferably the 8 ball) to play.

This game will get crazy and test the mental toughness of everyone involved.  The object of the game is to keep the 8 ball rolling.

A player will “tee off” by rolling the cue ball at the 8 ball.  He only gets three tries to hit it or he’s out for the round.

Once the 8 ball is hit, players run in successive order (decided before the game begins) one at a time around the table to keep the 8 ball moving.  The catch is you to have to be on the opposite side of the pool table, between the pockets, at all times in order to legally roll the cue ball.  Once the 8 ball “crosses the line” you have to run around the table to be on the new opposite side.  You may never roll the cue ball from the sides of the table.  Only the ends.

If the 8 ball stops moving, that player is out.  If a player knocks the 8 ball into a pocket, the next player is out.  You may only touch the cue ball with your hand.

When a player is eliminated, the 8 ball is reset and there is another “tee off” and play resumes.

Everyone playing will be running and jockeying for position the whole time.  This is a game my junior high guys absolutely LOVE.

It’s hard to understand unless you see it in action, so here’s a short clip on what it looks like to play Manly Pool:



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  1. It’d help to look more manly if the people playing (they look very young – are you sure they are a good example of manly pool?) if the pool table cloth they were playing on wasn’t pink.

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