An Open Letter to Tulsa Mommies

Get off the phone.


Get.  Off.  The.  Phone.

I know your days are long.  Especially in the summer when your husband still has to work but your kids are out of school and a little “me time” is well deserved.  You get that after bedtime like the rest of us.  So when you bring your kids to the park please play with them.

I am tired of getting looked at as the creepy-guy-who-is-trying-to-traffick-your-kids when I clearly have two little girls of my own doing everything they can to enjoy their time with their Daddy.

Your kids want attention…and encouragement…and to be noticed.  My wife and I have our own kids for which to fulfill this need.  Please do it for your kids.

So put down your iPhone.  Leave your iPad in the car.  When you’re at the park or the splash pad, prove to the rest of us that your kids are more important than gossip and apps.

Their “little” days are few.  Don’t look back and wish you had more time to play.