Strippers at Church

When I was in college there was a large adult video store right on the corner of campus.  I had heard of some friends who were praying that this place would shut down, so I joined them.  After a few years, the owner was caught in tax fraud and was forced to shut the doors forever.

On my commute to and from work I pass by a Tulsa “Gentlemen’s Club.”  Each time I do, I pray that God would shut the place down for this reason: to set the girls free that work there.  My hope is that in freedom they meet Christ.

Gentlemen’s clubs are really strip clubs.  Strip clubs are really part of the porn industry.  Porn is part of the sex trade.  The sex trade is slavery.

I want to see them set free.  But then I started thinking “what if?”  What if God answers my prayer like He did back in college?  What if this place shuts its doors forever?  What if these girls are set free?  Where would they go?  Would they be welcome in my church?  Would they be welcome in your church?

I’m not accusing anybody of anything.  I’m just wondering.  If God sets these captives free, how would the body of Christ in Tulsa respond?

What if God says, “Alright Kirk of the Hills.  The doors are locked.  The girls have been set free.  Your move.”