In The Bedroom

At 4:45am today my daughter decided to start walking around our darkened house.

We got her to climb back into her bed…for 15 minutes.  Then she was standing at my side of the bed asking to climb up with me.  It was way too early for that, so I walked her back to her room and got her to crawl back into her bed.

For 15 minutes.

Then she was back in our room, a little whiny now.  I made a palette of blankets for her to plop down on, but she wouldn’t go back to sleep.  Instead, she wanted to play with her bear (which has a rattle in it) and whisper to it (which is surprisingly loud when the rest of the world is asleep).

I began barking out orders from my high position.

Lay down.

Be quiet.

Give me your bear.

Or you’re going back to your room.

Still, she didn’t fall asleep.

So I got down out of my bed, left my perfectly positioned pillow and my fluffy comfortor behind, and got down on the floor with her.  I covered my knees with the corner of her little blanket, snuggled up next to her, held her hands, and within minutes we were both asleep.

And this is what God used to teach me more about the gospel in the bedroom today.