Confession:  I am tired.

But not like I-need-a-nap tired.  My soul is tired.  Youth ministry is hard work and I’m at a place where I just want to rest.  On Sunday after I finished my talk I just wanted to go lay down and not be creative, not be relational, not be a pastor for a while.

I sat with my wife and confessed this to her.  And not two minutes later a young man who helps lead our students came up to me (out of the blue) and said “Hey, if you ever want someone to fill in for you, put my name in as a reserve.  I’ll teach.”


Then, when I went to our other campus later that evening to lead the youth ministry out there, out of the blue another young adult came up and introduced himself to me asking if I needed any volunteers to help with the youth.


Then this morning (which happens to be a Monday) one of my volunteers on our team poked her head into my office and said simply, “Thanks for being a great youth pastor.”


I also checked my email and a dad sent this to our Sr. High pastor and me:

“I want you both to know the great impact you are having on these kids.  The Night of Impact a few weeks ago and these two lessons have all been great opportunities for the kids to learn and grow.  It was wonderful to see them really thinking about their faith and considering the difference between just showing up at church versus actually letting Jesus into your life.  On the drive back to the church, the girls were talking about their outreach to friends at school and other groups they are in.  I commented about how pleased I was to hear them talk like that.  I described how when I was in high school at the Kirk there was never any discussion about reaching out to others and not much to make us think about our faith. I am very happy with the direction of these kids under your leadership.  Keep it up and God bless you!”


Our God is a very good daddy.  My strength is renewed.  “And I will run and not grow weary; I will walk and not faint.”