The Other 6 MOBILE

You’ve heard the message “Break Free – The Desire Trap” at the KirkYouth gathering.  Now here’s what you can do with it the other 6 days of the week:

Monday – Memorize Proverbs 11.6.

Tuesday – Read Genesis 3.1-6 again.  What three things made this tempting to Eve?

Wednesday – Read Genesis 2.15-17.  How does God’s actual command differ from what the serpent said in Genesis 3?

Thursday – Pause today and think: what might be some warning signs your mind is becoming dark and confused?  Compare Romans 1.21 with what you read Tuesday & Wednesday.

Friday – What are some practical ways you can keep your desire for God ahead of your personal desires?

Saturday – God will give you over to whatever you desire most. How would your life look different if what you desired most was God?