16 to 46


Two weeks ago I started using the “Hundred Pushups” app on my iPhone.  For my initial test I could do 16 consecutive pushups (hardly inspiring).  But after two weeks of training I can now do 46 in a row.  I’m not to my goal of 100 yet, and I’m not even at the level I used to be when I worked at Kanakuk.  But being in the habit for two weeks has shown marked improvement.

Two weeks ago I gave our students a copy of The One Minute Bible to use in their Cell Groups, and it is getting students in the Word!  7th grade boys are talking about Scripture.  Tons of students are either “caught up” or “ahead” in the daily readings.  Students are getting in the habit of reading the Bible.  They are talking about it.  They are letting it change them.  They are applying it.  They are seeing the value of Scripture in their everyday.  When once students wouldn’t even bring a Bible with them, now they are asking for extras to give to their friends.  It’s phenomenal.

Habits matter.  And my team and I are trying to build into our students the habit of reading the Word of God.  We’re trying to make impressions while the cement is still wet.  And this one is definitely sinking in.