Asteroids and Earthquakes

So here in Tulsa we’ve had three earthquakes in the last week.  Today there is an asteroid that will be flying by the earth closer than the moon is.  It’s all over facebook and at the forefront of many minds.  A lot of people are afraid, a lot of people think “Maybe 2012 will be the end?”  A lot of people are nervous.

Should we be?


But not because I think the end of the world is going to happen at any moment.  But because of what I studied in Hebrews 4 today.  The whole chapter is about entering the rest of God (whether it’s Sabbath, millenial, or simply faith is not the point).  The major issue is what keeps us from that rest.  The short answer: disobedience.

Rest is a holy, God-honoring, FREEING thing.  When we reject the freedom God has given us, we will remain restless, because we remain in disobedience.  It is unsettling and ungodly to disobey, so “let us be diligent to enter that rest.”  The world could end any moment, but it also might not even happen in our grandkids’ lifetime.  The point is are you ready?  Have you entered the rest of God?  Have you put your faith in Christ?  Have you grown weary of the pattern of disobedience in your life?  Then enter that rest.

Asteroids and earthquakes should not be the only thing unsettling you, but may they get you to a place of asking bigger questions.