You Own The Series Poll Results


I polled my Mid-High students for our upcoming “You Own The Series” series and here are the results (from most interested to least interested) of what they said they want their series to be about:

  1. Heaven and Hell
  2. The who and how of dating
  3. Why God allows bad things to happen to innocent people
  4. How to share Christ with my friends
  5. Angels and demons
  6. What the Bible really teaches about drugs and alcohol
  7. The Bible book of Revelation and its prophecies about the future
  8. Spiritual gifts: what they are and how to use them
  9. Christian love
  10. Ethics: what’s right and wrong—and how to tell
  11. What being and having a friend is all about
  12. What other major religions believe
  13. How to know what I believe
  14. Who is the Holy Spirit?
  15. The Creation/Evolution debate
  16. How to wisely counsel my friends on tough topics
  17. What the Bible says about homosexuality
  18. What cults believe
  19. How to study the Bible on your own
  20. What the Bible says about getting wealthy and using my cash
  21. Learning how all the stories of the Bible fit together to tell one big story
  22. What it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ
  23. How to understand my parents
  24. The parables of Jesus
  25. Abortion & other current issues
  26. Gossip, slander, and the tongue
  27. Unity and genuine fellowship in the church
  28. Science and the teaching of the Bible
  29. How to become a Christian
  30. How the Bible became the Bible
  31. How the church started and what it’s all about
  32. Christian vocations such as pastor, youth pastor, missionary, and so on
  33. The story of the Old Testament
  34. Books of the Bible

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