The Other 6 MOBILE

You’ve heard “Community (part 2)” at the Kirk Youth gathering, now follow it up this week with this 6-day devo guide:

Monday – Read Acts 2.42. In what ways do you see the disciples loving each other in this passage?
Tuesday – Read Acts 2.43. Why do you think “everyone was filled with awe?”
Wednesday – Read Acts 2.44. What would it look like today for this verse to be true for us?
Thursday – Read Acts 2.45. What do you own that you’d be willing to sell if someone in your Cell Group had a need?  I’m talking about what you would put on eBay TODAY that would be a sacrifice for you to help someone out.
Friday – Read Acts 2.46. Have you ever had a meal (not just a Hot Pocket) with someone from our youth group at their house?  If not, why not ask your parents if you can invite your Cell Group over for dinner?
Saturday – Read Acts 2.47. Do you think if our youth group was known for our love this verse would be true?  How do you see
yourself as part of the process of accomplishing this?