…Because I Don’t Want To Do A Teenager’s Funeral

A much anticipated “no-texting-while-driving” app has just been released.  And since I’m in the business of working with teenagers and their families, I wanted to share an email I sent to all our families in our youth ministry:


This is a must have app for you and your teenager.  It’s an app to put on your smartphone that prevents you (or your teenager) from texting while driving.  The app senses when the car is in motion and will block all incoming text messages, sending instead an auto reply to the effect of “I’m driving right now and will contact you later.”  The messages are saved and can be retrieved when the car is not in motion.  Plus, parents, if your teenager disables the app it will send YOU a text message saying they turned it off.  It’s a great tool to keep everyone safe on the road.  I just installed it and wanted to pass the info along to you.  Here is the link to the iTunes store:


If you want to see it in action, here’s a 3 minute video NBC’s Today Show did on this app (I’d encourage you all to watc this video):