Free Tool To Organize Small Groups

This year our student ministry team is taking our small group program in a brand new direction.  Instead of the teacher/student model, we’re moving towards Missional Communities (which is more of a coach/player model).  It’s a pretty big shift, but I’ve found a free online tool that has helped me tremendously as I prepare cell groups (2-4 students) and assign them to coaches.

It’s a website called “” and it is a free “mind-mapping” site.  You can sign up with a free account and save all of your maps in folders and tabs to access and edit later. Below is a map I’m working on as we get ready to launch our new missional communities:

There are similar apps for iPhone (MindNode is $5.99) but this is free and you can access it on any computer at any time.  It might seem like a lot, but with a little practice using will help you get over the post-it notes all over your office wall…at least it did for me!