The Other 6 MOBILE

MondayRead Acts 2.42.  There are 4 “normal” practices the early church engaged in.  How would you compare your dedication to these four things?

Tuesday –Read Acts 2.44-46 first.  What are some of the things that marked the people of the church?  Now read Acts 2.47.  What was the result of this kind of attitude?

Wednesday – Read Ephesians 4.11-16.  You have a part to play in the church.  What do you think, personally, your part is?  What are your gifts?  Talents?  Abilities?  Affinities?

Thursday – Read Ephesians 4.11-16 again today.  How can you use your gifts, talents, abilities, or affinities to build up the church?  It’s not just your youth pastor’s job, so what are you going to do?

Friday – Read Acts 20.28.  According to this, does the Church matter to God?  What in this verse made you reach that conclusion?

Saturday – Read Acts 20.28 again.  Do you think you can love God and hate the church?  Consider this: if you like hanging out with your youth pastor but talk smack about his wife, how do you think that’s going to go for you?