Book Review: A Serrated Edge: A Brief Defense of Biblical Satire

Very few books are written on the humor of Jesus, and interestingly, this book seems to point out why in the process of defending satire as a biblical discipline.  I read this on the Kindle and it was very difficult to read because there are some formatting issues.  It was also difficult to read because the author, Douglas Wilson, quotes biblical texts from the KJV only (Mardel share holders, can I get a what what?)  This book is priceless, though!  Wilson spends a considerable amount of ink using Scripture to live up to the subtitle and he does this with care.  Reading this we learn that Jesus, in fact, was a funny man, but the humor is lost to us because of time and the low hanging fruit of sexual humor and racist humor being the norm today.  But Jesus was funny in the same vein as Stephen Colbert, Charles Spurgeon, and Jon Acuff (  I loved this book because it’s a subject that is rarely acknowledged.  I also loved it because now I have a biblical basis for laughing out loud at Dmitri’s guitar shredding worship solo at and homeschooling.  Go read this book.  It will change the way you read the Bible and the way you interact with church culture.