Book Review: Reconstructing The Dreamland

Being a new resident of Tulsa I was hoping to find a good background of the race riots that have divided our city.  This book was OK.  Brophy definitely has done his research as evidenced by overwhelming citations to court cases and testimonies.

But I feel like the drama of the riot wasn’t captured; it felt like the event was just reported.  I learned quite a bit about the causes and the locations and when I drive around downtown I can picture the events happening.  There was also a photo essay chapter which I really appreciated.  But it just didn’t grab me.

I’m sure a visit to the Race Riot museum will help fill in some gaps.  And while I appreciate the amount of research that was poured in to this book, it didn’t quite meet my expectations.

BOTTOM LINE: I liked it, I learned a lot from it, but I doubt I would recommend it (except for the photo essay chapter).