Home Farming & Disciple Making: Watering

“Apollos watered it”

Apollos has a very important step in the process of Disciple Making.  Did Paul work hard?  Yes.  Did Paul skillfully plant the seeds of the Gospel everywhere he went?  Yes.  Did the cultivation of the Gospel terminate on Paul?  No.

Once my seeds were in the ground, I had about 2 months of waiting before any plant produced anything edible.  But there is the most important step in causing a plant to grow, and my hope is that at the end of this post, we don’t see Apollos’ role as diminished because he only gets three words about it.

Watering my Home Farm takes great care, consistency, and concentration.

I go out in my backyard almost every day, mostly in the morning before the sun gets too hot, and water my Home Farm.  I give it enough water to soak the dirt so it isn’t dry.  I give it enough water to make sure the leaves don’t wilt.  I water it long enough so that it makes it to the depth of the roots instead of just making mud around the stem.

One time I turned on the sprinkler and went back inside for breakfast.  I left for work and I completely forgot about the water.  My wife called me an hour later saying she just turned the water off and that it had flooded my Home Farm and that water was pouring over all sides of it.

Apollos has this task.  He has the consistent, daily task of Disciple Making by giving them water to drink.  Not too much so that the whole thing floods, and not too little so that the roots never get refreshed.  But his is a task of consistency.  If I never water my Home Farm, plants may sprout, rain will certainly help, but nothing will really grow like it should.

Paul is remembered for breaking ground and planting seeds of the Gospel.  But Apollos stuck around in Corinth and was available to the young disciples and consistently taught them what they needed to learn in order to be refreshed and grow.

But there’s one more thing I’ve learned about Home Farming & Disciple Making and it has nothing to do with all my labor.  That’s next.