DISCipleship Devo


Today we looked @ Judges 7 (but if you take the time to Read Judges 6 you’ll see how timid is Gideon’s disposition)

He’s going to battle and starts with 32,000 men, instantly loses 22,000 men, and then God wants him to cut his 10,000 down to 300 (less than 1% of starting strength).

What if God asked you to:

  • Start a new small group?
  • Transfer schools?
  • Move?
  • Delete Facebook?
  • Lower your texting plan?
  • Not date?
  • Miss sports camp for a mission trip?
  • Go in to full time ministry as a missionary or a pastor?

It’s scary to think about!  But what I love is that it’s not unbiblical to be scared of what God may be calling you to do!  In 7:10 God said “if you are afraid to attack take Purah” …so Gideon took Purah (7:11).

But then God got Gideon to a place where fear was transformed into courage in 7:17 because Gideon had nothing else to rely on save the provision of God.  And that’s exactly where God wanted him.  That’s exactly where God wants us.

God will call us to do things that we can’t do; things that don’t make sense. And it can be scary. But our peace is in the God of peace. Our rest is in the Lord of the Sabbath. Our hope is in the God who saves.

As you think on this story, also recall these lyrics from Amazing Grace:
“The Lord has promised good to me, His Word my hope secures, Ge will my shield and portion be, as long as life endures”