DISCipleship Scores: Week 1

In our devo this morning we looked at the story of Jacob from the book of Genesis.  The main thing is that Jacob was a deceiver and not at all who we think should represent God.  And that’s a good thing, because it shows that we don’t earn God’s favor.  We don’t earn salvation.  No ability, integrity, attribute, or affinity will make God choose us, use us, or save us.  Salvation is from the LORD.

In our round of disc golf, here’s the scores:

GROUP 1 Total
Avery Winfield 107
Bailey French 179
David Goff 94
Joel Robinson 141
Jordan Anderson 105
Landon Rogers 110
Hayden Anderson 75
GROUP 2 Total
Emily Tumilty 98
Kellen Gilbreath 95
Madilynne Hays 89
Mitchell Love 108
Sean Kahlich 67
Steven Trellis 106
Tyler Simpson 84