BIG STORY: Creation

Notes from Zac Niles’ message to KirkYouth on 6/5/11:

We don’t seem to care for answers until things in our life break down.  When pain happens, when tragedy happens, when we realize things are broken, we go looking for answers (in a sense, we go looking for the box top to the puzzle).

When you are broken, you want to run to a sure thing.  You may not care at all about the things of God today, but you will when your heart is broken.


God created – There’s no hope if you’re just an accident of the cosmos.  When your heart gets broken, if you truly believe your life is just an accident, you have no hope, you have nothing to turn to, you have no big picture.

According to Ephesians 2.10 you are not a random accident.  You have a role to play.


We were created to have a relationship with God – In Genesis 2.7 we see that God didn’t just speak mankind into existence like everything else.  God came close enough to breathe on us; close enough to embrace us.

We were created to have a relationship with Creation – God didn’t need a gardener in Eden (Genesis 2.8).  But he values us so much that he let us jump in to what he’s doing.

We were created to have a relationship with Others – From the very beginning God wanted us in relationship, as evidence by Genesis 2.18 “It is not good for man to be alone.”  Adam had everything else in the universe, but it wasn’t good until he had a relationship with others.


So this is the start of the Big Story.  God created mankind with purpose, and that purpose is to have perfect relationship in various realms.  But something tragic happened.  And next week we’ll try to answer the question:

If God created everything “GOOD,” why are things so bad?