Sunday Remix // Dinosaurs


So did Adam and Eve get created, and then all the people diminished, so dinosaurs could rule? And then the people came back once the dinosaurs went extinct? Or did dinosaurs never exist, and scientists are mistaken.  I just don’t know what order they happened in.


They most likely lived together for a time, later being eliminated in the Genesis 6 flood (as supported by some fossil records denoting a swift, catastrophic event in which dinosaur fossils are preserved through different geologic strata).


Job 40.15-24 could be describing a brontosaurus.  Some think this is talking about a hippopotamus.  Others think it is an alligator.  But when you read the passage, see which of these three is representative of every characteristic listed.

Job 41.12-17 could be a stegosaurus OR even a dragon.  Read it.  Then try to draw it.  What is God describing in this passage?