Sunday Remix // You Are So Dumb


Is it bad to say mean things to the devil?  Such as telling him he is really stupid?


It’s best not to talk to him at all.  Satan is a liar and a murderer who only wants to steal, kill, and destroy.  But Satan has no power over the name of Jesus.  So we talk TO Jesus and we talk ABOUT Jesus.

Another thing is Satan is not omnipresent (he can’t be everywhere at the same time like God can).  That means, if you are being tormented or tempted, chances are it’s not Satan (in the Bible, Satan tempted Jesus; demons tormented everyone else).  Still, Satan and demons have no authority over the name of Jesus.  When we say things out loud, we don’t say, “Satan, you’re stupid, I hate you.”  Instead, we’d say, “Jesus, you’re good and you’re powerful and it is the name of Jesus that will give me victory and peace.”  We worship Jesus, so we talk to Jesus.  We don’t talk to Satan.

And Satan’s kind of like “that guy” on facebook.  If you don’t comment or “like” his status, you’ve depleted his influence and he realizes he’s irrelevant.  Satan won’t go away if we ignore him, but Scripture says if we resist him, he will flee from us.  And how do we resist him?  Only by the power and authority of the name of Jesus and HIS claim on our lives, because we are pursuing Jesus, and as we do that, we get closer to Jesus, and Satan has no power over Jesus.

So instead of telling Satan he is really stupid, talk to Jesus and talk ABOUT Jesus.


The following help clarify who has power and who does not.

Colossians 2.15

1 John 3.8

1 John 4.4