I’m Not Good With Names

How many of you have had this conversation:

“Hi, what’s your name again?  I’m terrible with names!  Tee hee hee”

Well…buckaroo…being good with names is something we have to practice.

I used to be terrible at guitar; now I can play.  I used to be terrible at cooking; now I don’t burn things.  I used to be terrible at snow skiing; now I’m a card carrying Professional Snow Ski Instructor.

I’m not really good with names, but I can be.  It just takes effort and humility.

So try this: next time you meet someone new, say their name as many times as you can in that initial conversation.  Or, come up with a mnemonic to help you remember (Sean = Shaved head; Sean = Shaved head…).  Or, don’t talk about you.  Get past your follow up story and listen to theirs.  Because I think a lot of times when we say “I can’t remember names” what we really mean is “my name is the only one I’ll remember.”  Let me illustrate that:

Being good with names is a learned skill just like anything else.  It takes discipline.  It takes practice.  But if you’re bad with names, it just means you haven’t tried yet.