INKED by SERVICE (part 5)

If you want to be great, serve.

Eventually Glee won’t be cool anymore.  Snooki will be forgotten.  Silly Bandz will look dumb.  And the iPhone will be so-last-year.

Our lives should be permanently marked by serving others.  Not the shallow pursuit of celebrity. If you want to be great, serve.  If you want recognition, don’t create your own.  Let God honor you for being a servant.  Matthew 6.4 says “Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret [behind the scenes], will reward you.”

The greatness of a Christian’s life is not one of flash and celebrity.  We don’t say “what has two thumbs and did something totally awesome?  THIS GUY!”

We point to Jesus.  We make Jesus famous.  We serve Jesus.  And this, friends, is what greatness truly is.