Seventy Square Feet

Youth workers take pictures of kids praying, getting hit with water balloons, in church vans, eating something, or all wearing the same t-shirt.  But we never take pictures of the inside of our buildings.  So I thought I’d start a soon-to-be-nationwide (…) trend and post what my office looks like.  It’s a 7′ x 10′ “deluxe cubicle,” and here’s how awesome it is (moving clockwise):

The art is from my 2 year old, the "school picture" is of me in 6th grade, reminding me constantly where my students CAN be in a few years.

I think on the whiteboard, I tack ideas to the corkboard.

This is a conversation wall. Everything on it has a story for people to ease in to being in my office.

We have NERF wars here. I'm ready for the apocalypse.

What about you, youth worker?  What does your office look like?