Introduction to INKED

Tattoos are a permanent thing.  You get ink put into your skin and it marks you for life.  These drawings, or words, or characters are all symbolic and are all permanent representations of a message you want to share.  Some messages are regrettable: 

Like this guy who covered his entire back with characters from Avatar.  Apparently, he’s OK with telling his grandkids someday about how a 3D version of Pocahontas in space changed his life.

Some messages are fraternal, like the ink Marines or Sailors get.  Their ink was a rite of passage and a way to permanently mark that they served in combat together.

Some messages are like the one I have on my ankle that is a permanent representation of my position with Christ: “that He who began a good work in me will see it to completion until the day of Christ Jesus” (Philippians 1.6).  I got inked to permanently tell the story that God’s not finished with me yet.

Is this series about how to convince your parents to let you get a tattoo?  No.  Not even close.  But it is about getting inked.

So in this new series we’re doing called “INKED” we’re going to spend the next 6 weeks looking at things your life should be permanently marked by.  Six things that you should be a representative of.  Six things that are permanent indicators of the story you’re trying to tell.  Six things that are permanent representations of your identity in Christ.

If you claim the name of Christ and call yourself a follower of Jesus, then the next six weeks are going to help you figure out if you’re INKED or if you’ve just been doodling with a Sharpie: