Generous Punks

I love my students.  And I know a lot of people that cringe when they hear the words “junior high boys.”  They think this age group is just a bunch of punks that need to grow up.  But I have a group of generous punks.  And I want to brag on them because they are that awesome.

On Sunday I had someone come tell me the dire situation of a certain family in our church (in debt, can’t afford food, etc.)  Here’s a text I sent on Wednesday at 3:00:

We have a family in need directly related to KirkYouth. Can u bring canned goods or 2liter of Diet Pepsi/Root Beer/Dr Pepper 2nite?

At 6:30 PM that same day, our students brought in bags and bags and bags of canned goods, frozen dinners, and the special request for 2 liters of this family’s favorite drinks.  They brought so much, in fact, that 3 full bags had to be left behind because the family (remaining discreet and anonymous) simply couldn’t carry it all!

These are mid-high students.

With only a 3 hour notice of a need.

No advertising.

No “canned food drive.”

No teaching series on giving.

Just a simple text stating a need.

And these 7th, 8th, and 9th grade students responded with an abundance of generosity that is directly tied to their vibrant relationships with Jesus.