Crazy Yogurt Face

I was sitting in Orange Leaf with one of our pastors today when a customer came in that made us take pause.  This customer was a little too eager to learn all the details of Orange Leaf and began to interrogate ask a lot of questions about the place, like:

  • Where is the fruit farmed from?
  • Is the yogurt made with crystalline glucose?
  • Is the chocolate low fat?
  • What are the names of the chairs you use?
  • It’s how much???

On and on I could go.  Then he began to film the store while narrating into his camera phone.  With our friend working alone, we stuck around for a bit to make sure this customer didn’t do anything he’d regret, because, honestly, we had a real concern.

All of these questions he had, though, followed up a discussion my pastor and I had about church preferences and it seemed to fit.  So crazy yogurt face became a great illustration.

How many times do we  “decide” on a church based on our personal assessment?  Like:

  • What style of music do you do in worship?
  • What translation of the Bible do you teach from?
  • Do you have a ministry for singles?
  • Can we use the youth room for our Boy Scout banquet?

People leave churches for silly reasons.  Others join for silly reasons.  Crazy yogurt face concerned us enough to make us sit back and wait.  But he reminds me of a lot of Christian Tourists.  These are people who tour Christendom waiting for the perfect church to answer all of their questions and meet all of their needs, and the moment there is dissonance, they bail.

If you’re a tourist, it’s time to stop consuming and start contributing.

Because no one really cares about your opinion.

Just your obedience.


One thought on “Crazy Yogurt Face

  1. This also reminds me of the church service we had with the video on the meaning of worship. We’re so guilty of thinking church is about us, that we need to be fed spiritually each Sunday. Instead we should be concentrating on making sure our actions and worship are about Christ. Good blog post!

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