If you’re a fan of the TV show Wipeout, you may have never realized how deep and insightful it is when compared to themes in Scripture.  You just though it was entertaining…but this show can preach!

On Sunday in the Mid-High we unpacked the rich spiritual themes from the show Wipeout using the following video:

I told you that’ll preach.  Here’s how:


Everything has a reaction.  You can sit comfortably in your life for a while, but when the weight of your decisions comes back around, it will send you spiraling out of control

Read Isaiah 26.3, Hebrews 12.2, 2 Corinthians 4.18


We think we know what we want, but it’s not always what we thought it’d be.  Timing is everything and if we get impatient, that’s when we get nailed

Read James 1.14-17


Sometimes temptation will just undercut you and sweep your feet out from under you.

Read 2 Timothy 2.22


Some situations will make you hesitate because you have a godly conviction.  But if you’re surrounded by people who will push you into temptation, you don’t have a chance.

Read Psalm 1.1-2, Proverbs 1.10, Proverbs 16.29


Life is full of hurdles, and some are worse than others.  But as Christians we endure.

Read Romans 5.3-5


Sometimes temptation will throw you on your face.  But when you’re connected in a community no matter how rough the situation is, you get back on your feet and encourage others with what you just went through.

Read Hebrews 4.15-16


We try to mask our failures with skill, agility, humor, etc.  But it’s still falling.

Read James 5.16, Psalm 32.3


Choices have consequences.  If it seems like an open door and it’s not from God, you’ll be crushed.  Jesus is knocking on the door of your heart.  Sin is knocking on the door of your mind.  Which one you open is the difference between being crushed or courageous.

Read Genesis 4.6-7


If you live alone, you fall alone.  And spectators of your life will always only watch.

Read Ecclesiastes 4.9-12


We cannot believe the lie of saying “Well at least I…” didn’t kill anyone.  At least I…am not addicted to meth.  At least I’m not as bad as Hitler.  Sin offends God.  And we can’t live our lives avoiding “big” sins and allowing “small” ones.  Because eventually even the small ones will smack you in the face.

Read Matthew 5.21-22, Matthew 5.27-28