Mid-High Sunday Remix

Following are 5 questions my Mid-High students asked for our Sunday Remix.  I didn’t write out my full answers here, but I did include the selections of Scripture used to help formulate answers.   It’s good to explore this stuff, so here are some resources to help you own your faith:

How can you make your best friend come to church and be a believer even if she thinks church is (her quote) “Boring and not her thing”?

First, we don’t make people do it.  Second, how do you talk about your experience with church?

Where is the cross that Jesus died on today?

If pieces of the cross remained, there would be fanatic worship over pieces of wood instead of what Jesus accomplished on that wood.  Here’s proof:

Does God love the Devil, the bible says he loves everyone but is the Devil included in the word everyone?


Egypt was mentioned so much in the bible, but how come there is only 10 percent Christianity there? Why are there more Christians in the US than in Egypt if there is so much more biblical history over there???

It really IS all over the Bible, but here’s some history of the church in Egypt:

  • The Church of Alexandria was founded by the Evangelist Saint Mark the Apostle in approximately 42 AD and claims jurisdiction over the Christians in all the African continent. In other words, all the Christian churches in Africa are considered daughter churches of the Church of Alexandria.Athanasius took charge in mid-300sAfter the loss of the Holy Land and the overthrow of all Latin domination in the Byzantine Empire, the Latin Patriarchate of Alexandria ceased to existThen, the Muslims led by Umar, conquered Alexandria (Egypt’s capital) Nov 8, 641.  From then on it’s been under Muslim rule and Christianity is persecuted.

How do you know when it’s God talking to us and not our own thoughts?

We start with what the Bible has to say because if we don’t start there, we can make the Bible say whatever we want it to say:

Some of the LIVE questions:

  • Why did God create us?
  • Does Satan have more power than other demons?
  • What happens to [non-fallen] angels after Jesus comes back?
  • What happens to us after we die?  Like, do we go to heaven?
  • Does the Bible say anything about “premarital kissing?”
  • Is it OK to watch movies about demons?
  • Did God know that Satan would tempt Adam and Eve?
    • Why did God let Satan do that?