It Really Is Amazing

This week’s storyline is in the Gospel Era.  The Gospel Era spans the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.  In it we see:

“Jesus comes in fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies and offers salvation and the true kingdom of God.  Some accept Him, most rejected Him, and He is crucified, buried, and resurrected.”


The entire storyline of the Bible has been pointing towards Jesus.  And now, He’s here!  If you read all four gospels, you’ll see that they place very little emphasis on His early life and focus a ton on His ministry and His crucifixion.  And His ministry begins with His baptism, found in Matthew 3.11-13.


So Jesus gets baptized and His ministry starts out great!  People are flocking to see Him, to hear Him, to touch Him, to be near Him.  But remember that the storyline is some accept Him, most reject Him.  Some understood that Jesus broke the silence.  Most thought he was of the devil.  Some accepted the salvation they had been longing for.  Most thought Jesus was crazy.  Some got it.  Most didn’t. And because of that, the Jews rejected Him.  You can read this in Matthew 12.22-24.


The reason we CAN have a relationship with Jesus is because He lived a sinless life.  And because He was sinless, when the Jews rejected Him and murdered Him on a cross, he became the perfect sacrifice for our sins.  Because of the blood of Jesus covering those who believe, God sees the righteousness of Jesus instead of our disgusting and offensive sin.  Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection was gruesome because our sin was gruesome:

He was beaten with rods, punched in the face, had his beard ripped out, had his skull punctured with thorns, was flogged with a flagrum down to the bone, carried a 100lb. cross beam to his own execution, had 7″ nails driven through his hands and his feet, got people excrement shoved into his mouth, struggled for hours to take a breath, and endured the crushing weight of the world’s sin…all to forgive you and me.