“I Saw Satan In That”

“I saw Satan in that.”  That’s what this burly youth worker told me tonight about my kids being loud during devo time.  He was having “a pretty emotional time and two kids got saved.”  We were having a pretty exciting time talking about faith vs. works and how our actions are dictated by our identity in Christ.  Kids were wrestling with it, getting it, asking great questions, getting excited realizing salvation is not performance-based.  Then they immediately got up and ran to read James together to dig a little deeper.

Furrowed brows and introspective eyes allowed me to see the Spirit working in the hearts and minds of my students.  And when the Spirit is active, it’s exciting.  And when my students get excited, you know it.

There is danger in overspiritualizing things.

No, sir, Satan was nowhere near that.

Journal entry from June 23 while in West Memphis, Arkansas


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