Proud To Be An Okie…From Tha Southsideeeee

Muskogee, Oklahoma.  A town of 38,000 people and the site of a recent gang-related fatal shooting at a mall.  Here’s a link to the follow-up story.

Here’s what’s sad: the victim was a teenager and the gunmen were teenagers.

Here’s what’s pathetic: there are gang members in Muskogee, Oklahoma.  I associate the mafia with New York.  I think of L.A. when I hear about Nuestra Familia.  And I most certainly think that the most hardcore brutha’s on the street are in Muskogee, Oklahoma.  Who doesn’t, right?  Just check out what they can claim for their turf:


Let the fragrance of potpourri pull you into this unique shop in Arrowhead Mall.  Offering clothing and accessories, jewelry, stationery and home décor, the mother and daughter shop owners define quality and style.  Viva’s also sells “Okie from Muskogee” souvenirs including tee shirts, lapel pins, belt buckles and cookbooks.

Azalea Festival

Honor Heights Park is a stunning 132 acre oasis atop a hill overlooking Muskogee, and home to the well known Azalea Festival each spring. The park comes alive as over 625 varieties of azaleas burst forth with a stunning spectrum of color in one of the most beautiful displays of flowering tress and shrubs in the world. Over 500,000 people come to Honor Heights Park each year to enjoy the over 30,000 blooming azaleas, as well as dogwoods, redbuds and other blooming plants. Held during the month of April, the festival also includes entertainment, arts and crafts, food, carriage rides and more.

Harmony House

Enjoy a light lunch of soups, sandwiches and comforting casseroles in a stately historic home in Muskogee’s downtown district.  This tea room creates the ambiance of dining in Victorian style and the daily specials are local favorites.  Known for their desserts, especially a wide variety of mouth-watering cookies, Harmony House is a relaxing lunchtime treat.

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Muskogee + Oklahoma = fatal gang-related mall shooting.