Do You Get Heaven?

The other day I gave a man the 2 pennies he needed at QuikTrip.  Then I held the door open for an elderly woman.  And I thought, “Some people actually believe they’ll go to heaven for things like this.”  Here’s why that’s weird (briefly):

We don’t deserve Heaven

The Bible teaches that we deserve death.  For us to assume Heaven is ours for the taking is absurd.  We deserve death; we deserve Hell.  Which also means that Heaven isn’t a place for people who are scared of Hell, rather it’s a place for people that love and worship God.

Heaven is not about us

No matter how good you are, good person, Heaven is not about you.  It’s not even close to what our idea of paradise is.  It’s not going to be like Southern France.  It’s not going to be an all you can eat ice cream palace.  You won’t win every pull of the slot machine handle.  It’s not going to be an uninterrupted golf vacation…  Heaven is about God.  It’s about the holiness of God.  It’s illuminated by the glory of God.  And it echoes with the worship of God.

Good deeds don’t merit Heaven

How small would God be if I was granted Heaven as an eternal reward because I spent 2 cents on a stranger and 2 seconds holding a door?  The general population would understand that wickedness would disqualify us from Heaven, but the Bible says that, compared to the holiness of God, our righteous deeds are like a used menstrual rag. The most selfless, most sacrificial, most philanthropic things we’ve ever done in this life are likened to a dirty, dirty rag when compared to the holiness of God.  I’m thankful that my God is bigger than copper or courtesy.