Sunday Remix // Judas & Peter


Deal With The Chief Priests: Matthew 26.14-26 [Mark 14.10-11; Luke 22.3-6; John 13.21-30]

@The Last Supper: John 13.21-30 [Matthew 26.20-25; Luke 22.21-23; John 13.2-5]

@ The Arrest: Matthew 26.47-50 [Luke 22.47-48; John 18.2-3]

How His Story Ends: Matthew 27.1-5 and Acts 1.16-19


@ The Last Supper: Matthew 26.30-35 [Luke 22.31-34; John 13.36-38]

@ The Arrest: Matthew 26.50-56 [Mark 14.43-50; Luke 22.47-53; John 18.10-11]

Denial @ The Trial: Luke 22.54-62 [Matthew 26.57-75; Mark 14.54-72; John 18.15-27]

How His Story Ends: John 21.7-19


Jesus honored Judas 3 times during this event:

  1. John 13.5.  Jesus washed Judas’ feet, after Judas had already made his deal.
  2. John 13.26.  For the host to dip bread and hand it off is a huge honor.
  3. Matthew 26.50.  Judas calls Jesus “teacher.”  Jesus calls Judas “friend.”

This models Jesus’ teaching from Matthew 5.44 to “love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”

Jesus rebuked Peter 3 times during this event:

  1. Matthew 16.23.  Jesus rebukes Peter for tempting him away from the cross.
  2. John 13.8.  Jesus rebukes Peter for refusing to let Jesus wash his feet.
  3. Matthew 26.52.  Jesus rebukes Peter for cutting off Malchus’ ear.

This models what is found in Hebrews 12.6: “For the Lord disciplines the one he loves, and chastises every son whom he receives.”

Who Are You Like?

The knee-jerk answer is Peter, right?  No one wants to be a betrayer of Jesus.  Judas sold out Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.  I’ve sold out Jesus for one night of fun.  And while I may have never said “I don’t know Jesus” like Peter did, there have been too many times I haven’t said anything at all.

The beauty of this part of the story, though, is the restoration of a broken relationship.  So whether you’ve sold out Jesus or kept quiet about Him, He restores the repentant.