How Awesome Do You Feel?

If you ask Matt Thieu today, he’ll probably gush.  Matt was the 8th grader that was shot in the back at the Colorado school shooting last month.  He, his mom, and the teacher that tackled the gunman were interviewed on the Today show this morning.  His teacher, David Benke, had this to say about Matt on national television:

“Matt’s one of the coolest kids I’ve ever taught.”

Marinate on this for a minute.  Matt is an 8th grade boy.  His math teacher not only said he was cool.  He told the entire country that Matt is cool.  And not just cool, but one of the coolest.  How awesome would you feel with that kind of affirmation?

Watch the full video here and just look at the smile Matt gives.  It’s unrestrained and unrehearsed.  Do you think he feels loved and valued right now?

Do your students?